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Me and My Shadow

This episode looks at our shadow self. It is that part of us that we do not like or are ashamed of. Thus we attempt to keep it hidden, however it is always with us, following us like a shadow.

Because it is part of who we are it is always eager to show itself. It lurks in the shadow of psyche awaiting a chance to show its face. And when it does pop up, as if out of nowhere, we resort to explanations like “I misspoke”, or “that’s not really who I am.”

It would be far better if we would acknowledge those parts of us that we don’t like rather than seeking to deny them or hide them in the shadows of our soul.

Once we begin to accept our shadow self and even embrace it, it becomes less of a problem. Since we are aware of it, we are more able to keep it from making unexpected appearances.

Also, acceptance of our shadow self begins to soothe our soul and deepen our sense of inner peace.
And the stronger our inner peace, the greater our ability to work towards creating a culture of peace.

As always, questions, insights and ideas are always welcome.

Frank Thacker

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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Me and My Shadow: Episode 15