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What’s your end game?

whats your end game

What’s your end game was the way a friend of mine would find out what my intention was in having a discussion with him.

This podcast looks at our intentions from three different levels.

  1. Everyday activities. “What’s my intention in daily brushing my teeth”
  2. Ordinary, but not everyday events. “What’s my intention in going to this party?”
  3. Life purpose. “What’s my intention in living how I do?”

Simply put the more mindful or aware of my intention in any given situation the less likely will I find myself in an uncomfortable situation. The more comfortable I am the more I can act from my true self. The more I act from my true self the more I will contribute to creating a culture of peace.

Comments, ideas, question always welcome.

Frank Thacker

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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What’s your end game?: Episode 14