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Anger: Constructive or Destructive

I am so angry I could…….. How often do we hear that? It seems everyone is angry about something right now. In this episode we address this issue of anger and what we can do about it. So yes there are a lot of angry people walking around. Actually that is ok because anger is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It is simply a human feeling we all experience.

The main issue is what are you going to do with that anger, that ball of energy that you are carrying around. For that is what anger is. It is energy. It is a source of energy that you can use to do something constructive or let it use you to do something destructive. People like Martin Luther King, Jr., or Gandhi or Candace Lightner where tremendously angry people but they used their anger to do something good.

You may say well yeah they were great people. I’m not able to do something like that. Well maybe you are and maybe you’re not. That is not the issue here. The issue is what are you doing to do with your anger.

First thing is to able to became aware of being angry. Once you are aware of your anger you can then chose to use it in a positive way. Angry about how we are destroying the environment, join a local environment group. Upset with your current senator or representative, start working for a candidate that is running against them. The possibilities are endless. It is also important to not let your anger build up because at some point it might just explode and you find yourself doing something or saying something you will regret later. So find ways to discharge it on a regular basis. Work out, write poems, beat up a pillow. Again the ways to discharge your anger are endless.

So bottom line. It’s your choice to use your anger to do something constructive or let your anger use you to something destructive.

Frank Thacker
Jason Small

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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Anger: Constructive or Destructive Episode 12