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From Diversity to Unity via Nonviolence

From Diversity to Unity via Nonviolence

In the previous episode we talked about the importance of listening to the other if we are to create unity where there is diversity. In this episode we talk about the importance of nonviolence in bringing about unity where there is a difference of opinion. By unity we don’t mean agreement on an issue but rather the creation of a sense of connection

In this podcast talk about an recent encounter I had with an person with a different perspective from me on a couple of issues and how I attempted to create a sense of connection with him by using some of the principles of nonviolence.

While all six of the Kingian principles of nonviolence played a part in my endeavor there were three that stood out.

Principle 2, The Beloved Community is the framework for the future.
This is basically about winning the person over rather than winning over the person. It is not about winning the conflict or discussion but rather getting the person to engage in building a culture of peace.

Principle 4. To accept suffering without retaliation for the sake of the cause to achieve the goal,
One needs to be able to endure being made fun of, being castigated or even dealing with physical violence without seeking to get back at the other in order for a culture of peace to grow.

Principle 5. To avoid internal violence of the spirit as well as external physical violence.
Not only do we need to refrain from any physical violence we must also not harden our hearts toward the other. And we need to be gentle and kind to ourselves also.

It is good to keep these principles in mind in our daily dealings with others who may see things differently from us.

We hope this episode has been helpful in your endeavors to build a culture of peace.

Frank Thacker
Jason Small

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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From Diversity to Unity via Nonviolence Episode 11