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The Art and Skill of Listening

The Art and Skill of Listening

If we are to achieve Unity in Diversity we must be able to listen to the other.
There are many aspects to good learning. In this podcast we touch on three important elements of what is often called deep listening.

1. When you listen to someone you need to be able to not only listen to the words they are saying but also be able to tune into what they are feeling.

This is often referred to as listening with the third ear. You hear their words but also capture their feelings, the intensity of their belief or the power of their values.

2. You need to keep an open and empty mind. Most of the time when we listen to someone express an opposing believe or value we interrupt them or half of our mind is listening while the other have is working on producing a good response that will show them how wrong they are.

3. You need to learn how to ask good questions in order to deepen your understanding of how the other person has arrived at the values, beliefs and opinion they are expressing.

As a daily peacemaker you can be about creating a culture of peace and build unity in diversity by listening to the other.

 Listening is indeed an art and a skill. We hope this podcast helps you to develop your listening ability as this is a powerful way that you can use in your everyday life to create a culture of peace.

Frank Thacker
Jason Small

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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The Art and Skill of Listening Episode 10