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Unity In Diversity

unity in diversity

What I usually did is find a topic, reflect on it for a few days, create a podcast, review the podcast and write an introduction.

When I reviewed this podcast I became aware of how complex this issue of unity in diversity is and how the podcast, while it is an ok starting point, needs to go a deeper into this topic of achieving unity in diversity.

That being said there are a couple of important points that the podcast touches upon:

  • unity is not conformity or sameness
  • diversity is not divisiveness
  • each diverse individual, group, organization needs to be respected and listened to.
  • for diverse individuals, groups, etc. there needs to be a common goal if they are to achieve unity.
  • the smaller the group the easier it is to achieve unity and vice versa.

As we mention in the podcast there are many large diverse groups in the world that are moving toward divisiveness rather unity and that seems to be what the mass media focuses upon.

Yet at the same time there are more diversity groups in the culture that are moving toward and actually creating unity.

So given the above I find myself reflecting on:

  • why do some groups move toward unity and others toward divisiveness
  • what can you, as a daily peacemaker, do to create more unity.

As always we ask that you share your thoughts, feelings, insights and questions with us.

Frank Thacker

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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Unity In Diversity – Episode 8