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Old Story and the New Story

the new story

The New Story
Stories are important because they can tell us a lot about who were are. It seems there are many people who are saying we humans need a new story because the old story is causing us divisiveness, disharmony, destruction, and disappointment.

Although the Old Story has many manifestations it is basically encapsulated in the phrase” us against them”. As mention in this podcast and in the excellent children’s book Cory and the Seventh Story some of these manifestations are:

. Us ruling over them,
. Us overthrowing them,
. Us getting away from them,
. Us bullying and rejecting them,
. Us feeling sorry for ourselves because of them,
. Us having more material goods than them.

The New Story, simply and straightforwardly, points out that there is no them. There is only us and we are all interconnected. The new story is about learning how to live in right relationship with each other, how to learn from each other rather than fight each other, how to respect each other rather than castigate one other and how to work together to create a lasting culture of peace not only for ourselves but more importantly for our children and their children and on unto the Seventh Generation.

The Daily Peacemaker is about creating and spreading this New Story from the bottom up and grounded in nonviolence. And the New Story needs people like you to spread this good news.

Your questions, insights, and suggestions are always welcomed.

Frank Thacker

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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Old Story and the New Story Episode 7