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Living Into the Beloved Community Part 4

beloved community

This final part of Episode 6 is about the final three steps of Kingian
4. Negotiation
5. Direct Action
6. Reconciliation

Sounds pretty simple and straightforward until you start to explore them. Then you realize how complex they are and the many ways they can become intermingled with each other.

We hope that by watching or listening to this podcast you begin to
understand how they are important parts of creating the Beloved Community.

In the podcast we sort of bounce from individual situations to larger more complex issues but how you can use these steps doesn’t vary much. (We apologize for some minor technical missteps in the podcast)

This podcast is the fourth and final part of Episode 6. Hopefully by exploring all four parts you will begin to develop an understanding of and a skill in using these principles and steps in your everyday life as you engage in the process of creating a culture of peace.

We believe these principles and steps are so rich and powerful that with this Episode 6 we have only begun to tap into the potential they have for helping us in our desire to participate in creating the Beloved Community.

With that in mind we plan in the Fall to explore these principles and steps in a deeper and more detailed way as we look at possible conflicts and issues that one might run into in their ordinary everyday life and how we can resolve them in a loving nonviolent way.

In the meantime we do have some other podcasts lined up along with some interviews with some ordinary everyday people and what they are doing to create a culture of peace.

As always we invite you to send us your insights, questions, suggestions and observations.

Frank Thacker
Jason Small

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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Living Into the Beloved Community Episode 6 : Part 4