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Living Into the Beloved Community Part 3

beloved community

As you may well know the core of Kingian Nonviolence is the 6 Principles and the 6 Steps. The Principles are often referred to as the Talk and the Steps as the Walk. So when you activate, to the best of your ability, the Principles and the Steps in your daily living you are walking the talk.

The first two parts of Episode 6 focused on the 6 Principles. This episode focuses on the first three steps. Part 4 will focus on the last three steps.

The first three steps are:
1. Information Gathering: doubt your first impression.
2. Education: share your information with everyone
3. Personal Commitment: strengthen your resources

As with the principles the steps are intermingled. They flow and work together in a sort of continuous loop leading to a deeper understanding of and skill in using each step.

As with the Part 1 and 2 this episode contains another award winning (tongue in cheek) video with Pam, Madeline and Frank reflecting on these first three steps. We touch on a number of issues germane to these steps but by no means do we exhaust all the depth, understanding and power of them.

We hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful.
We look forward to hearing from you with any ideas, questions or insights you send our way.

Frank Thacker

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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