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Levels of Conflict

If we can listen and keep our minds and hearts open, conflicts can be good things because they can lead us to new understandings, views and knowledge. However they can also easily intensify, escalate and lead to violence. Thus the better able we are to mange conflict the more likely it will lead to something good.

This 20 minute episode has a short introduction followed by a video in which myself and two friends, both Level II Certified Nonviolence Trainers, discuss the escalating levels of conflict, how to assess them and how to manage them.

There are two technological issues with the video. One is the screen gets small. The other is a play video icon that appears on the screen for a few minutes. We apologize for these. The video has its place but the content is far more important. We hope you enjoy this episode and that it helps you become better able to manage any conflicts you encounter.

The Daily Peacemaker Podcast

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